Boot prompt

jim grimsby jimgrims at
Wed Apr 6 20:57:26 EDT 2005

Maybe I'm not understanding something, probably not.  However When I
wanted to install the sarge iso, it simply waited there for me untill I
typed a command.
Yes this is correct behavior for this distro. 
 It would wait for ever.  Now my bios is set to boot cd first before
harddrive, but what's going on with the fedora iso that it doesn't boot
to the cd or just wait there?  Does the Fedora iso have a way of booting
even if the bios is set to boot off harddrive first?
No what is going on here is that if you do nothing in about a moment
according to the redhat nine docs and 10 seconds according to the howto
it will do a default boot with a graphical install and no speech.  

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