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Sergei V. Fleytin fleytin at
Mon Apr 4 09:55:15 EDT 2005

Hello, listers,

>>>>> "m" == mikster4  <mikster4 at> writes:

m> I was maening more that it is not how the web browser works itself,
m> it is something inserted by the screen reader. Normally you can't
m> cursor around the page in a web browser, only jump between the
m> controls. Maybe it is my mistake, but I thought the person was
m> expecting this behaviour to be in the web browser.

I'd like to make some comment concerning this topic. Both links2 and
elinks allow users to navigate within a page like in an editor. Links2
provide what they call "braille terminal" wich, in my opinion is a
very cool and convenient feature. Elinks also can be customize to
behave in similar fashion though it would not be as blind friendly as
braille terminal in links2. But elinks has so many cool features,
including tab browsing, that it really worth our attention. Below is a
fragment from my elinks.conf wich allow to move by characters and
lines within elinks using vi-like keybindings.

bind "main" "k" = "move-cursor-up"
bind "main" "l" = "move-cursor-right"
bind "main" "h" = "move-cursor-left"
bind "main" "j" = "move-cursor-down"

set ui.show_status_bar = 0

I hope it would be useful for someone.

With best regards, Sergei.

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