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My .vimrc is on its way to you in a separate email.

Kenneth Lee writes:
> Great, the mplayer is working.  I checked my yum.conf and both the repos's
> Janina mentioned were there, but commented out.  I gotta change my
> punctuation level when doing this kind of work. <g> A couple of questions
> though.  
> Janina said these new repos would be in two different files, but I only have
> the yum.conf file.  Do different flavors of linux configure yum differently?
> I am using fc2.
> Next, one of the comments in my yum.conf file said that removing the
> comments from the freshrpms might cause conflicts with and I may
> need to comment out the if I use freshrpms.  Should I do this?
> Oh, what's the best setup when using speakup with vi?  When I type speakup
> reads the status line.  I turned off speakup with the speakup-NumEnter but
> this didn't seem the best solution.
> Anyway, mplayer started working after I did "yum update mplayer".
> Again, thanks to all.
> Ken -N5SWR
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> Hi Ken:
> I think you should try to get mplayer working.  MPlayer is the best, most
> powerful audio/video player I have ever seen.  
> The repos that Janina has given you are very good.  Specially, the
> repository has great mplayer rpms.  One 
> thing though, the pre-compiled mplayer is going to be a little slower than
> if you compile mplayer your self.  However, 
> it is a very good place to start.
> Also, when you compile mplayer your self you can add one of the codec
> packages from the mplayer home page 
> ( that will add lots of functionality to your install.
> With these codecs, you will be able to play 
> windows media 9, quicktime 6, real audio 9, and a bunch  of the other more
> obscure formats out there.
> Anyway, if you want a quick mp3/mp2/mp1 audio player, you can try to install
> a little program called "mpg321".  After 
> you have your yum repos configured, you should be able to just do:
> # yum install mpg321
> MPG321 has no fw/rw/pause/etc controls, but it is great to play mp3's in the
> background and to convert to wave...
> David B.
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