offtopic: ways of recording classes?

Allan Shaw technews at
Wed Nov 17 21:04:21 EST 2004

... you might want to look into something like the Sound Blaster Nomad 
which would allow you to record your classes directly into MP3 format and 
much more.

>Hi all, this is a bit off topic, but I think that some of you might be
>able to help me with this one...
>I'm looking for a less annoying way of recording my classes. Someone
>suggested using an ipod, but those all appear to be menu driven, and not
>accessible... Someone suggested using mini-disks, but the impression I
>get from looking around,  is that this doesn't appear to be a really
>accessible option either...
>I'm currently using tapes for this task, but this is a farely bulky way
>of doing things, and I'd like to find an alternative...
>If any of you have any feedback, I'd appreciate it. Please mail me off
>list so I don't clutter up people's mailboxes :)
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