earliest possible software speech at boot?

Thomas Stivers stivers_t at tomass.dyndns.org
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On Wed, Nov 03, 2004 at 10:56:19 PM -0500, David Bruzos wrote:
> Hello everyone:
> I have been playing with the software speech thing, but I need some ideas about how to start software speech earlier in 
> the boot process.
> Right now, I can start software speech as one of the first services in the runlevel, but I like to be able to do it 
> before the partition checking, so that if there are problems, they can be resolved.  I am not sure how to approach this 
> problem, because I don't even know where to begin...  These are some of my questions:
> 1. Can I run any scripts and/or programs before the runlevel (rc3.d) stuff begins excecution?  Also, how early on?

I am not sure about Fedora, but Debian has an rcS.d set of init scripts
that are run before the runlevel ones. Perhaps you can link to the
script from there. You just need to be sure that the filesystem where
all the commands you need to run is mounted. This usually means that
/usr/local must be mounted. This won't be a problem if it is on the /

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