tips needed on iso files

Jayson Smith ratguy at
Tue Jun 29 23:40:24 EDT 2004

If you've compiled loopback support in your kernel, try the following
mount -o loop yourfile.iso /cdrom
I think that's right anyway.  I've got a cold so I'm not quite thinking
straight tonight.  Anyway, that should put that filesystem on /cdrom.

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> Hi gang,
> I would appreciate some tips on doing a couple of simple things
> with iso files. I have not done them before, and cannot find what
> I need to know in man pages etc. If you could post a "howto" for
> the following tasks I would appreciate it:
> 1. I have the four iso files for SW 10.0 (thanks, Greg) plus the
> associated md5 files. How do I verify the intactness of my
> downloads? The man page seems to suggest I should have a command
> called "md5" unless I am misreading it, but there ain't no such
> animal on my system. Related to that, I will then burn a set of
> CD's and will need to verify those burns as well.
> 2. There should be a way to "open" those iso files, copying or
> converting them to the corresponding files and directories,
> without first burning the CD's and then mounting and copying the
> contents back in again. How would you do that, going directly
> from an iso file to a directory structure on the HD?
> Many thanks,
> Chuck
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