re-posting my question on aptitude, reply to the capitalization and pitch change and another question about voice rate and pitch change

Gregory Nowak greg at
Thu Jun 24 14:35:21 EDT 2004

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You would have dug this up, if you did more searching, although I
can't remember where it tells you this exactly. I means the package is
installed, p means the package is not installed.


On Thu, Jun 24, 2004 at 10:49:28AM -0700, Sean M McMahon wrote:
> I looked in the aptitude docs and so far haven't found what p and i mean 
> next to the list of packages anyone know?  If my synth won't recognize 
> pitch changes, then perhaps speakup could be modified to anounce cap+ 
> letter, something like that.  Finally, I tried to change the rate for 
> speakup yesterday and nothing happened.  It worked the day before.  When I 
> tried to enter the rate, my synth spoke a lot of escape sequences and 
> garbage.  Between the time when rate change worked and now, I did reboot a 
> couple of times and do one shutdown, and speakup is now the default kernel 
> so talking now comes up at boot time.  Any ideas?
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