Preparing to change mail client to use Mutt, advice requested.

Steve Holmes steve at
Sun Jun 20 12:37:09 EDT 2004

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I just use the speakup review keys to read down through the message
then just hit the space bar when ready for the next screen full.  I
really don't mind using the review type keys at all.  A couple of
pointers: Mutt has a key, the 'S' (note the capital) which skips pre
quoted mail and takes you down to the next area of current unquoted
message.  I love this when reading top quoted mail.  I do that and
then when ready to read mail, quoted or not, just position the
cSpeakup cursor at the top and start tapping the down arrow or spk-2
key; when skipping over extraneous things like output from pgp
verification and header types, etc., you can tap it really fast and
speakup interrupts itself nicely.  All not too bad, really.

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