Preparing to change mail client to use Mutt, advice requested.

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Sun Jun 20 10:39:25 EDT 2004

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On Jun 20 2004 11:44 PM, Luke Yelavich wrote:
> Hi all
> In the next couple of days, I intend to change my mail client to Mutt. I am 
> wondering whether when one uses Mutt to read a message, whether they have 
> to use their screen reader to read each line of the mail message, or is 
> there a way to turn on the abillity to cursor round in a message with the 
> arrow keys?

Typically you just let the screen reader read messages page by page, but
I suppose if you put something like

set pager=nano

in your .muttrc you could move around in the message like you are
talking about. You could replace nano with whatever editor you like. I
don't think this would be preferred because you would not be able to
delete or advance to the next message within the editor. Moving around
the screen with the speakup cursor keys is easy enough that I don't see
why you would really want to move around in messages another way.

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