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When you tried putting the entire strings in, did you quote them
or escape the spaces?


On Thu, 17 Jun 2004, Jacob Schmude wrote:

> Hi all
>  	Well, I got linux on my new laptop and got all the hardware
> working. I wound up putting slackware on and not Fedora, since the
> performance of Fedora on the laptop was extremely slow and I couldn't
> figure out why. Yes, I checked the CPU frequency scaling governors and
> they were set to performance, but it still ran slow. Anyway, I got slack
> on and it's running fine, except for ACPI. I can't get the regexp for some
> of my events correct. What I want to do is for it to start laptop mode
> when the AC adapter is unplugged, and to stop laptop mode when the AC is
> plugged in. I've gotten it partially working--it will stop laptop mode
> when the AC is plugged in. However, I can't seem to get it to start laptop
> mode when the AC is unplugged. The relevant lines from my
> /etc/acpi/events/events.conf are:
> event=ac_adapter.*00
> action=/usr/local/bin/startlt
> event=ac_adapter.*01
> action=/usr/local/bin/stoplt
>  	Startlt and stoplt are custom scripts I've written to turn on
> laptop mode and set the correct HD parameters for standby and such, and to
> adjust the powersave governors correctly. It's the first event that
> doesn't work, and I'm stuck as to why. I've tried everything I could think
> of, including putting the entire text of the relevant events in--but if I
> do that then none of them work. events.conf is a file I created to
> override slackware's default script, which doesn't work
> properly on my machine. Can anyone help here? The complete text for both
> events is:
> ac_adapter AC 00000080 00000000
> ac_adapter AC 00000080 00000001
>  	The first event is what is generated when the AC is unplugged, the
> second is what is generated when it's plugged in. The only thing different
> about them is the final digit, which is what I'm trying to work with. Can
> anyone help with this? If worse comes to worse, I'll use APM, but I'm not
> sure how good this laptop's APM support is as it was primarily designed
> for ACPI.
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