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You should have a file called config in your /boot directory on your
slackware system. This file is the .config that was generated from
running make config to create the kernel currently installed on your
system. If you want to use this file as a basis for your own kernel
configuration, copy it into /usr/src/linux/.config


On Thu, Jun 10, 2004 at 12:00:25PM -0700, Debee Norling wrote:
> >Have you seen the README in the /usr/src/linux directory?
> Yes. And I've read the sections on compiling your kernel in "Running Linux"
> the successor to the Installation and Getting  Started Guides.
> >Doing "make config" once is a pretty daunting task. But having
> >done it once, you may rarely have to do it again.
> Well I did it again several times because I hoped after studying dmsg,
> that'd I'd have a better clue how to answer all the questions. But as it
> loads, the kernel reports finding some hardware without being as specific as
> make config wants me to be. I don't know what chipset my Ethernet controller
> is, for example.
> What would really be helpful is to know how the pre-compiled kernels, that
> already work on my machine were configured. Are the responses given to make
> config for my distro's pre-compiled kernels somewhere?
> I also understand that the defaults are simply the last answer someone using
> that source tree gave. What I seem to need then is the answers given when
> the kernel that works was compiled.
> --Debee
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