Compiling my kernel

Debee Norling NorlingDeborah at
Thu Jun 10 15:00:25 EDT 2004

>Have you seen the README in the /usr/src/linux directory?

Yes. And I've read the sections on compiling your kernel in "Running Linux"
the successor to the Installation and Getting  Started Guides.

>Doing "make config" once is a pretty daunting task. But having
>done it once, you may rarely have to do it again.

Well I did it again several times because I hoped after studying dmsg,
that'd I'd have a better clue how to answer all the questions. But as it
loads, the kernel reports finding some hardware without being as specific as
make config wants me to be. I don't know what chipset my Ethernet controller
is, for example.

What would really be helpful is to know how the pre-compiled kernels, that
already work on my machine were configured. Are the responses given to make
config for my distro's pre-compiled kernels somewhere?

I also understand that the defaults are simply the last answer someone using
that source tree gave. What I seem to need then is the answers given when
the kernel that works was compiled.


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