Checking my facts: intro

Debee Norling NorlingDeborah at
Wed Jun 9 14:24:00 EDT 2004

I am working on a document describing how to install Slackware for the
beginning user who is blind.

Saqib's documents were wonderful, but they're somewhat out of date. Janina's
instructions are incredible but RH isn't for everyone.

Because I'm a newbie myself, I need to be sure anything I write is accurate.
So when I have a question pertaining to the document, I'll post with the
subject line "Checking My Facts" ..." If you don't give a rat's rear about
my silly document, you'll be able to easily skip these posts.

If I think a question will start a flame-war, I'll post privately to certain
people on the list.

When I'm done, I'll email it to the people who volunteered to review it --
thank you in advance!

There is one big advantage of my being so clueless. Much documentation which
attempts to be for the beginner is written by someone who has forggotten
what being a beginner was like. For one small example, it is very helpful to

	echo 3 > /proc/speakup/punc_level

Yet nowhere in the docs I read about Speakup did I find this out. That's
because their writers had lost the vantage point of being new. For weeks
I've been working with Speakup, reading only half the punctuation, making my
UNIX experience far more frustrating than it ought to be!


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