Speakup Soft Speech--What's the status?

Jacob Schmude jschmude at adelphia.net
Sun Jun 6 10:29:07 EDT 2004

	If you have dectalk and want to use it, do the following:
Edit your speechd.conf file (usually in /etc/speech-dispatcher or 
/usr/local/etc/speech-dispatcher) and add a line to load the dtk-generic 
module. You'll see lines that begin with AddModule add this under the ones 
that exist already:
AddModule "dtk-generic" "sd_generic" "dtk-generic.conf"
	Note the uppercase letters in AddModule. Now, find where it says:
DefaultModule flite
and change that to:
DefaultModule dtk-generic
	Note that you need speech-dispatcher 0.3 or 0.4.1 to do this (0.4 
has a bug in the module). Now, restart speech dispatcher and speechd_up 
and DECTalk should work. Dectalk 5 works better than dectalk 4.61, but 
they both work.
	I'm not sure what the status on Cepstral is. I don't have it and 
I'm not going to buy it if they continue the $30 per voice price scheme, 
that can get a bit on the expensive side.
	Currently, it's not possible as far as I'm aware to switch 
software synths on the fly with speechd-up. To switch synths, you have to 
change the DefaultModule line in the config file and reload speech 
dispatcher and speechd_up.

On Sun, 6 Jun 2004, Janina Sajka wrote:

JS> Dear Friends:
JS> Some weeks ago there was intense activity on the Speakup list as several folks worked to get various software speech synths functional for Speakup. I'm just wondering what the status of all that is as of today.
JS> For myself I have Speakup working with Flite and Speechd_up, but I'd 
rather drive DEC Talk or Cepstral.

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