Speakup kernels on Alpha

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In It's day, what was Alpha?
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> Yeah, it really is rather cool to have one of these monsters spitting up
their bios to a Braille Lite. And you really don't need a video card either.
My machine doesn't have a video card--Speakup just references the dummy
video driver.
> If you know Debian better, then stick with it. I believe Debian packages
for Alpha are more up to date. The last Red Hat release for Alpha is 7.2,
though there is some movement for porting Fedora.
> It's old hardware, though, and finding parts can be challenging.
> Alex Snow writes:
> > Hi,
> > I'm also looking to aquire an old alpha (the au series has caught my
> > attention recently). What's the best distro one should run on these
> > machines? I know debian supports alpha and I think redhat/fedora do, but
> > which of those two would be the easiest to get up and running? I'm
> > debian because I already have a fair amount of experience with that
> >
> > One of the reasons I'm going for the alpha (other then being cool and
> > 64-bit) is the accessibility of it's hardware settings. This is the same
> > with my microvax (which doesn't even have a graphics card in it) and I
> > of like being able to modify bios settings without sited help.
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