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On Jun 02 2004  4:10 PM, Chuck Hallenbeck wrote:
> This initial version does not yet support continuous reading.
> It's a worthwhile suggestion though and I may play with that idea
> a little.

You could have a .reta/retarc file which contains a delay value that is
user configurable. having looked at the code it looks like this
shouldn't be too hard.

Another feature I would find useful is if rita could use terminfo or
some such to see how big my terminal is and use all the lines. I use a
48x128 screen and would like to at least get 47 lines per page even if
lines wrap at 80.

> The problem, as I said to Jacob, is to figure out how fast to
> automatically move to a new screen. I personally find that the
> obligation to press the space bar every couple of minutes keeps
> me awake! I have sometimes dozed off while listening to a tape,
> only to come to when the story has gone off to goodness knows
> where. But if there is sufficient interest, I guess I could see
> what I could do.

I think we've all dozed a bit listening to tapes, especially some of the
readers I have heard. Sometimes I think it is a race to see who falls
asleep first, the reader or me.

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