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Hi Chuck,
  This sounds like a pretty interesting little program, so I'll go give it a look a little later today. Does it support any kind of continuous reading features or do you have to use it similarly to less?

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On 6/2/2004 at 2:01 PM Chuck Hallenbeck wrote:

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>Hi gang,
>I just posted a program called "Rita The Reader" which fills a
>niche on my system. It is a text file browser with memory. Rita
>remembers having read a file before, up to 100 files, providing
>the file has the same name, creation date, modification date, and
>size as it had before.  She also remembers where you left off
>when you last read the file and resumes reading at that point.
> The package is a source tarball which you will need to compile
>and install. Instructions are in the README file.
>Check out rita at
>Hope you find Rita useful. She can get to be habit forming.
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