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The reason i asked about suse or mandrake because it autodetects all the 
networking stuff sinse i have a network i want to be abled to connect to te 
internet threw my router
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>I heard tell that Farhan delivered up the following on Wed, Jun 02, 2004 
>at 08:58:46AM -0500,
>what if i don't have a hardware synth?
> > linux distro is good enough? suse? mandrake? redhat?
>unlike windows you're not confined to one particular flavour.
>the only advice we can give you is to choose the distro that you can get
>the most support for.
>and on this list, that's slackware, debian, gen2, and fedora.
>if you don't have a hardware synth you'll still miss out on hearing a
>kernel panic or any error that comes up before your sound does.
>just correct janina on a minor detale,
>speakup comes up after kernel decompress which is as early as you're
>going to get at this stage without modifying your bootloader's config
>file to have your prompt speak.
>we're here to help and that means also helping you overcome your
>objections or try to meet them head on and give you enough information
>to get started in the linux world.
>we all had to start somewhere.
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