-45C = -49F

Alex Snow alex_snow at gmx.net
Tue Jan 27 13:14:34 EST 2004

It's been pretty cold here but not that bad. It's actually warmed up 
to about 20 in preparation for the 15 inches of snow tonight.
On Tue, Jan 
27, 2004 at 08:00:49AM -0700, Dawes, Stephen wrote:
> A little off topic to warm-up to:
> Q: How cold is it?
> A: This morning, people in my part of the world woke up to -45C which is
> the same as -49F. 
> Q: So, what does that mean?
> A: All schools are closed.
>    All outdoors activities are cancelled.
>    All bussing outside of the city is cancelled.
>    All highways out of the city are closed.
>    Exposed skin freezes in less than 90 seconds.
>    Parents are warned to keep their children inside.
>    Pet owners are advised to not leave their pets outside for any longer
> then ten minutes.
>    There is ice on the inside of all the windows. 
>       (HHHMMM maybe that is what is wrong with this computer!)
>    There are all kinds of brass monkeys missing some of their anatomy.
> Let me put it another way.
>    Water freezes at 0C or 32F.
>    Outside today the air temperature is some 45C or 81F colder then the
> freezing point.
> So for those of you who may think I am a cold hearted Ba/>d, I will only
> say that Mom and Dad were married before I was born. As to the first
> part, well now you know!
> So, put another log on the fire & ...
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