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Hi, Nick:

Welcome to the Speakup list.

What is Speakup? It's a screen reader that supports speech synthesis as
the interface for the blind user. Mostly that means a hardware speech
synthesizer, though support for software speech is being developed.

Speakup is a screen reader for the console environment. This means that
it works in the same environment as brltty.

Of course, if you're satisfied with brltty, you may not need or want

Nick Van Vlaenderen writes:
> From: "Nick Van Vlaenderen" <nick.vanvlaenderen at pandora.be>
> Hi all,
> I already sent a response on Scott's question, but in fact, I'm new on this list. I didn't have the time before to introduce myself -- so be it now.
> My name's, as you've possibly noticed, Nick Van Vlaenderen. I'm a 16 years old Gentoo Linux and OpenBSD user from Belgium. I use Linux for 3 years now (using brltty), only on console. One of my friends discovered the Speakup project and I had a look at it. It seems to be really interesting. But can someone tell me what's it all about? I mean, I already tried Gnopernicus (without finishing it -- too many errors when compiling and I didn't have time to look at it). But anyway, I never used something like speakup or emacs-speak, etc. Can someone tell me more about it? What are the difficulties, and what can it offer for a blind user? I never used speech, so braille is enough for me anyway...
> Cheers,
> Nick
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