I'm new...

Nick Van Vlaenderen nick.vanvlaenderen at pandora.be
Mon Jan 26 15:44:04 EST 2004

Hi all,

I already sent a response on Scott's question, but in fact, I'm new on this list. I didn't have the time before to introduce myself -- so be it now.

My name's, as you've possibly noticed, Nick Van Vlaenderen. I'm a 16 years old Gentoo Linux and OpenBSD user from Belgium. I use Linux for 3 years now (using brltty), only on console. One of my friends discovered the Speakup project and I had a look at it. It seems to be really interesting. But can someone tell me what's it all about? I mean, I already tried Gnopernicus (without finishing it -- too many errors when compiling and I didn't have time to look at it). But anyway, I never used something like speakup or emacs-speak, etc. Can someone tell me more about it? What are the difficulties, and what can it offer for a blind user? I never used speech, so braille is enough for me anyway...



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