DECtalk Software Speech

Steve Holmes steve at
Mon Jan 26 15:15:29 EST 2004

Well to add onto the  current thread, I would like to persue
development of middleware or whatever nees be to connect Speakup with
the DECtalk software synth.  I'm currently in conversation with some
folks at Fonix to confirm some things about specs anc controling the
synth so from Kirk's point of view or whoever else on the list, what
do I need to glue this stuff together.  I think the programmer's guide
from Fonix will cover what I need from their end but not sure yet.  So
far, the 'say' command yields pretty decent sound so think if we can
get Speakup to work with this, we'll be off to a gient leap!  

If someone else is doing anything already on this, I don't want to
step on any toes but...  If not, I'll forge ahead and if so, I'll be
glad to help however I can.

I still think hardware speech is the best way to go but the laptop
experience is much easier with softsynth.

Anyway, look forward to any further comments on this stuff.

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