network problems, an update

Jes and guide dog Harley jesman598 at
Sun Jan 25 19:22:10 EST 2004

Hi all. Well, my worst fear is over: Debian does support my network card after all. The problem now is I can't get it to connect
when I specify dhcp. Just to make sure it worked, I kicked my Windows box off line, and said I wanted Linux to use the ip that my
windows machine once occupied. Rebooted, (I have got to get out of that habit!) and all was fine. Lynx didn't work, but
nevertheless I pinged myself twice, and it kept pinging until I hit control C to break the connection. Both times, I got a 0
percent packet loss and every packet it sent it got back. I don't know if this is a good sign or not, and would like an opinion on
my progress or, regress. Thanks for your help.

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