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Mon Jan 19 02:47:08 EST 2004

As I sit here and find it necessary to use browsers in both linux and
windows, I see some advantages to IE and enhancements included in
Window-Eyes.  Yes, one needs to get familiar with a website a bit to
take full advantage of the navigation features in either environment.
With Window-Eyes, there are some neet shortcuts like single key
navigation to take you to the next heading, list, table, paragraph,
etc.  With some pages that have say, 3 tables and the one you want is
clear down at the botom of the page and the number of the link might
actually very from time to time, merely hitting the 't' key 3 times
will take you to the beginning of the third table that we want in our
example here.  On other pages, the 'h' key has become my friend
because I found it quicker to hit that key a given number of times to
skip me down to the relevant part of the page but not activate any
links yet.  I also love the implementation of table support with
Window-Eyes that enables me to move around in the table as a two
dimensional plane.  For many tables I've dealt with, linearizing them
like in lynx and MSAA before WE's table support was almost unbarable.

I don't suppose it would be too hard to add some of these navigation
features to lynx or some such but I do give some reasons I personally
can't walk away from IE completely.  Not to mention the lack of java
support with text browsers.  Links (the chain) has yet revealed to me
a working javascript page.  That is, I haven't yet found a single
javascript page that links (chain) worked on.

On Sun, Jan 18, 2004 at 12:08:42PM -0500, ameer wrote:
> either way, you need to know some measure of what you're looking for.

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