Restoring grub

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exactly; it's basicly a case of what you're best with; both systems offer
a solution.

On Sun, 18 Jan 2004, Sina Bahram wrote:

> Well this is a valid question. But here's the example.
> Let's say I have a website I go to often ok? I know I need to click on
> "students" and then on "forms" and then on "science". I just made that up,
> but for the sake of argument. Then, I can simply bring up the links list and
> hit the first letter of that link, and boom I'm there. So I don't have to
> listen for link 125 but I can just navigate by first letter, but also I can
> just hit enter on any link ihere during the speech, even if the speech has
> moved on, as long as it hasn't reached a new link, and if it has, just two
> keystrokes later and boom I'm there. It's also important to note that
> different things work for different people, you on linux are just as
> efficient as I am on Windows, because you're use to that system, and I'm
> used to mine. But for me, I think Linux needs to improve some of their web
> browsers or supporting the different technologies that are out there. Plus
> it's not really as much the web browsers as the accessibility to them with
> speech.
> Take care,
> Sina
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> Move to what link? How do you specify among the 50 or so optionsyou often
> have?
> That's why entering a number is superior. You get to specify in one action.
> Bingo. You're done.
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