Restoring grub

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Sun Jan 18 08:36:32 EST 2004

Also, most screen readers will let you just get a list of links that you
can arrow through, move to, or juat activate.  I know that with jaws, it
lists the url at the bootom.

On Sat, 17 Jan 2004, Sina Bahram wrote:

> It either says link or you can have it change pitch. In fact they even have
> entire sound schemes you can use. Rather than pitch, how about different
> voices? Woman equals link and man equals regular with the higher pitch
> indicating bold or italic and so on and so forth, you can set all of those.
> I even use some stuff that let's me hear the progress bars with tones that
> incrament acording to the percentage done.
> Take care,
> Sina
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> But how? If you let Windows' IE load a page and just listen to it being
> read, how do you know what part of the text you're hearing is a link, and
> what part is just the text of the page. What's the signal that says "I'm a
> hyperlink?" How does that work?
> Glenn Ervin at Home writes:
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> > I guess that with winblows, one could just listen to a page as it
> > opens, and if you hear the link that you want, you can press the
> > control key and you will either be on the link, or a line or two past
> > it. Ready to just press enter on the link. Glenn.
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