redhat 8.0 installation

Glenn Ervin at Home GlennErvin at
Thu Jan 15 22:26:25 EST 2004

Hi everyone,
I sent this question off to someone earlier today from work, but in case
that person was not able to get back to me today, I was hoping I could get
an answer tonight for this problem:
I installed redhat 8.0 on a computer with a limited drive.
I installed the server package.
This is a Pentium, with 128 MB ram, I think it is a 333 MHz processor.
I am using a double talk synth - external.
It did speak throughout the install.
Although I thought it said something about insufficient space when I began
the install, it completed the install and reported that it was installed
When I booted it up, I had no speech.
So following the how to, I did the following:
control + alt + F1
then enter
my password
then enter
I backspaced, and heard the beep
I typed:
setserial /dev/ttys0 uart none
then I pressed enter
modprobe speakup_ltlk
then I pressed enter
I repeated this several times, even with a few re-boots with no luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

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