progress, sort of *long*

Kyrath kyrath at
Thu Jan 15 15:47:45 EST 2004

Hi, I downloaded the slackware8 images and made the 2 floppies, and  I have a null modem cable connecting my 2 pcs.
After reading the info on the site, I found that you are to type:
ramdisk console=ttyS0
at the prompt, right after the boot floppy stops and press <enter> to force output to the serial port.
Well... it actually worked!  However, the target pc seems to have locked up at the point where it asks for the route disk.
I did see something about the slackware boot potentially causing some problems with the keyboard on pentium machines, or something like that.  So I need to look into this issue.

The only thing I'm wondering about is the terminal client.  I used the hyperterminal included with WinXP.  Basically, I needed to use the jaws cursor to read the output, but I also have some sight and used zoomtext to verify what jaws was reading and making sure I read everything.  Is there a better term client to use with JFW and WinXP?
Also, any suggestions or comments regarding my keyboard issue would be appreciated.
BTW, it looks like the bootup sequence didn't recognize any of my PCI cards.  However, the mouse, hard drive, floppy, and cd rom appear to have been detected correctly.

-- Rob

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