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Tom and Esther Ward tward1978 at
Wed Jan 14 17:01:15 EST 2004

Hi. As for Red Hat requiring 5 gb of space in most cases that isn't true. It
only needs that much space if you intend on installing every single package
that the distro has to offer.
When installing Fedora or Red Hat you should do a custem install,
recommended, and only install package groups that are accessible for you or
of any interest for you.
For example the KDE desktop and all it's apps are not accessible and so I
choose to unselect those package groups.
If I am installing to a laptop were I don't plan to run server side stuff I
can exclude things like apache web server, samba, or things like that.
If you don't plan to work with gnome 2.4 which comes with fedora 1.0 and
Slackware 9.1 then you can probably save large amounts of space by
deselecting all x windows packages.
Anyway, generally I have gotten Linux Red Hat installed with a nice package
selection in 2 or 3 gb of space.
As far as the text console command goes  it works on Red Hat, and I've seen
it work on Slackware along time ago when I tried out Slackware.

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