trouble with login

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Sat Jan 10 10:26:26 EST 2004

I looked this up on google and found other people with the same problem,
but didn't find the cause or solution.
I can log in on all consoles just fine when I boot. However, there is a
delay when I logout in getting the login prompt, and sometimes I get a
message about
"init: id x (whichever tty number it is) respawning too fast; disabled for
5 minutes)
and once I get this message sometimes that tty continues to be disabled,
though I can usually still log on, after a delay, on another tty.
Anybody seen this before? Anybody know what I should check? There doesn't
appear to be any problem with my /etc/inittab. since I'm running debian
stable and kernel 2.4.22, it might just be an occupational hazard, but I
don't recall seeing this problem recently on debian lists.


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