networking linux with microsoft, is it easy?

Tom and Esther Ward tward1978 at
Fri Jan 9 10:04:21 EST 2004

Hi, Chris.
I'm not sure what version of Window's you are running, but something like
this will require some knolege of tcip.
Esentually, you will need to asign both systems  a static ip address   if
you do not have a Window's dhcp software.
If you have  dhcp software you'll need to setup so your other Linux box can
capture an ip based on the one your Window's software is asigning to your
Linux box.
Then, you will need to make modifications to your firewalls if you have one
running to allow connections from the Linux system to your Window's system.
One way of testing your connection is setup something like samba and the
Microsoft client and see if file sharing and accessing files  remotely
My guess here is you also may need to find out how to set up your Window's
system as a packaet router so it routes all incoming and outgoing packages
to the outside. I don't really know how to to do this well as I don't
believe I have ever set up a Window's router before.
Seams to me there is something else I am forgetting, but I hardly ever route
anything through a window's system so doing it is pretty fuzzy in my mind.
It's usually the other way around for me, and all Window's stuff Passes
through a Mandrake 9.2 router before making it to the net which is allot
safer in the long run as Linux has good firewalls, things like spam filters,
and other software that Window's can take advantage of which are free.

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> Hi again folks,
> There is a misunderstanding here.  I need to make the connection in my
> office.  My office is not wired, the only connection to the internet in my
> office is wireless.  I have two computers there, the first is using the
> windows operating system.  It has a wireless card and through it I can
> access the internet just fine.  The second computer is a linux box using
> fedora.  I already tried four different wireless cards on it, and got
> nowhere.  I simply could not find any linux drivers for any of them.  I
> would like to access the internet with the linux fedora box I have in my
> office, instead of using the windows computer.  Now, since the only access
> have to the internet is through windows. I want to try to network the
> box to the windows system for the sole purpose of accessing the internet.
> Is this possible.  I got a network router lying around at home.  I thought
> if i take it to the office and link the two computers together, I may be
> able to access the internet with my linux box, through the wireless
> connection I have working on the machine using windows.  I hope this is
> clearer now.
> By the way, Janina, What wireless card are you using?
> Cheers,
> Cris
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> Ok, Janina,
> You wax a little more poetically then I do, but are you not confirming
> what I suggested earlier?
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