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Hi gang,

When we moved in mid November I abandoned my second phone line
and my dialup ISP in favor of DSL with Verizon. It worked like a
charm for me, and I would keep it if I could, but I have become
embroiled with a huge fight with Verizon over issues too complex
to discuss here. The bottom line is that I am switching phone
services and thus am losing my DSL connection too. My new phone
service does not offer DSL in this area.

I am going to give cable modem a whirl and on Wednesday an
installer is coming to get me started. I have a couple of
questions which I hope someone on the list can answer or point me
to somewhere to find answers.

1. What part of the setup must be done by my provider, and what
part by me? My provider advertises that they only support Windows
and Mac OS, but that's what Verizon said too.

2. With DSL, I used the Roaring Penguin PPP-O-E scripts and
configuring, starting, and stopping my connection was a snap. Is
there any analogous tool for handling cable modem DHCP

3. I found lots of stuff to read about DSL, but precious little
about cable modem in Linux. Anyone know something useful I can
sink my teeth into?

My system is a Slackware 9.1 distro with lots of bells and
whistles. But I have tasted a high speed connection and can
hardly bear to use a 56K dialup ISP again.

Thanks for any advice.


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