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They are really nice these days actually. I haven't played around with
one in depth to figure out how accessible they are, but I was fooling
around with a friend's. his was about the length of my finger and about
as thick, the battery pack was roughly the same length and thickness. In
short the things are the embodyment of the definition of tiny. It had a
rocker switch to switch tracks, a on off play pause switch...and up down
volume buttons. As for formats, I believe he said it supports a
different variety of formats, including mp3, wav, wma, and more. The
unit I was playing with could hold 256 megs and connected via USB as
they all do these days.

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I have been toying with the idea that I would like to get myself a mp3 
player. Here are a few questions. FIrst I don't recall there being a 
means to communicate with a mp3 player other than I thik the Rio? In any

case I really would prefer to not be limited to the mp3 format. So is 
there a hardware-based players that support the vorbis/ogg format as 
well as mp3? If so how does the unit communicate with Linux.
I found a player that apparently could support other formats, but from 
what I gather does not at this time and so was not to willing to buy the

thing unless I knew for sure it could communicate with a LInux box and 
could and will support other formats. I found the thing on Computer 
Geeks site, and now can't recall its exact 
name. If you search you'll find that unit if your interested.


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