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Jacob Schmude jschmude at
Sun Nov 30 20:59:30 EST 2003

Well, the command line isn't going anywhere anytime soon, that's not a 
concern. Unix and X have always been separated, X is simply another UI, and 
it's been that way since before linux was ever started. However, my 
concerns follow a similar path. Most of the apps sighted linux users are... 
gues what, X-based? With the advent of gnopernicus, some gnome2-based 
applications are accessible, but most X apps aren't gnome2-based. In 
particular, KDE is a much more popular desktop environment, and access to 
that for us is a big fat zero right now. My concern is that, when linux 
takes off on the desktop as it surely will in the next few years, we'll be 
left out of the loop, since commercial software vendors aren't going to be 
concentrating on the command-line market. I know what some of you will say: 
Go get an open source solution. But sometimes there just isn't an OS 
solution that'll do the trick (OCR, anyone?). I tend to agree with other 
listers that say we need a new web browser from the ground up, since lynx 
the cat is very old and wasn't designed for many of the modern web 
elements. Links the chain is a bit better, but it still isn't up there with 
the graphical browsers. There's one bright spot in this though... better 
the unix console than the scurge of windblows.

P.S. Did someone say there's a text-based interface to gnome? Where do you 
get that, I'd like to try it out.

At 01:22 11/30/2003, you wrote:
>Hi all.
>I'm just exercising my brain power in regards to Linux and have noticed 
>something quite odd about where its going. I would like
>you all to read my thoughts with care, and if I am wrong or have messed up 
>somewhere please feel free to correct me and by the
>way, there's a question at the end of this post, but you'll have to read 
>my thoughts before you can get to my question in order to
>properly answer it.
>I have noticed that Linux seems to be taking on the trend of the ever 
>hated Microsoft Windows. In the early nineties, Windows 3.1
>was released, and you had dos underneath it controling the hardware of the 
>computer. When 95 and 98 and such came out, dos was
>scrapt and now there is no real dos mode any more, so in esence there's no 
>real command line interface. I realize Linux is open
>source and all, however with the advent of Gnome (and please correct me if 
>I am wrong at any point on this), I feel that Linux is
>headed in somewhat of the same fassion.

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