soundcard question

Gregory Nowak greg at
Sun Nov 30 11:21:55 EST 2003

Hi all.

I've got a machine here with a soundblaster pro card. Running linux
2.4.21, and I'll be using the kernel oss sound drivers for now at
least. Is this card supported by the soundblaster driver
(CONFIG_SOUND_SB), or is it supported by some other driver?

One thing that is confusing me here is that the card's dsp interface
is at IRQ 5, but it also has a mpu401 IRQ at 9, with no i_o port for
the mpu interface. However, I see no option for the sb driver to let
me enter in an IRQ for the mpu401 interface.

Any input would be appreciated.


P.S., this card also has a cd-rom drive interface for one of those old
drives with proprietary interfaces, which I will also be using.

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