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Sun Nov 30 18:25:19 EST 2003


I have been struggling with that problem too, and have just
solved it this afternoon, thanks to some older correspondence
with Chris Moore which did the trick for me. I have just switched
to a DSL connection with and they required
authentication on their outgoing mail server.

Here is an outline of what I had to do on my Slackware 9.1 Linux:

1. Obtain and install a package called "cyrus-sasl", a simple
authentication and security library;

2. Get the source package for sendmail and recompile it, giving
it information about the above package.

3. create a specialized configuration with
information about authentication;


4. create a data base in /etc/mail called "authinfo.db"  with
your user name and password information.

These are the general steps. The details are in the docs, and I
will be glad to follow up privately if you want to correspond
about it. I don't think anything in the above steps are
distribution specific, by the way.


On Sun, 30 Nov 2003, Darragh wrote:

> Hello again,
> I'm trying to get sendmail to use authentication.  My SMTP server needs the same log in as the POP3.
> I'm not sure if this will make any sence, but when I want to enable this in Outlook / Outlook Express in Windows, I go to the properties of the account that I want to change, go to the servers tab and check the last box labeled "This server requires authentication".  I then click advanced and check Same as Incoming.  If I don't do this I cant send mail.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks
> Darragh
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