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Kenny Hitt kenny at
Sun Nov 30 13:23:00 EST 2003

Hi.  I tried to send this earlier but had problems.  See if you can find
a package called abcde.  I use to rip a Cd to ogg files.  You can also
create mp3 files if you want.  
I just put in the CD type abcde and I end up with an ogg file per track
with all the info from the cd database.


On Sun, Nov 30, 2003 at 12:27:22PM -0500, Charles Crawford wrote:
> there is  an applickation for Windows XP and so on called DOSBOX which 
> supposedly emulates DOS very well.
> 	On the Linux side, I share your concern about GUI access since I 
> have been looking for a CD ripper and have not seen any text based ones 
> yet that do what I want.   I am hopeful that one will be found.
> 	The larger issue is whether Linux GUI becomes more accessible than 
> Wiindows and if so, those of us who like command lines will still be 
> ticked but at least we will have use of the X applications.
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> -- Charlie Crawford
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