Your opinions?

Jes and guide dog Harley jesman598 at
Sun Nov 30 01:22:41 EST 2003

Hi all.
I'm just exercising my brain power in regards to Linux and have noticed something quite odd about where its going. I would like
you all to read my thoughts with care, and if I am wrong or have messed up somewhere please feel free to correct me and by the
way, there's a question at the end of this post, but you'll have to read my thoughts before you can get to my question in order to
properly answer it.
I have noticed that Linux seems to be taking on the trend of the ever hated Microsoft Windows. In the early nineties, Windows 3.1
was released, and you had dos underneath it controling the hardware of the computer. When 95 and 98 and such came out, dos was
scrapt and now there is no real dos mode any more, so in esence there's no real command line interface. I realize Linux is open
source and all, however with the advent of Gnome (and please correct me if I am wrong at any point on this), I feel that Linux is
headed in somewhat of the same fassion. My only reason for doubting myself would be to think that Linux started this trend first,
then microsloth picked it up on the way. My question is. Will text consoles, seeing that the applications that are written for
them like lynx and so fourth tend to be very far behind the times, be a consistant option for us as blind users in the Linux

I would love to hear what you all think.

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