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Sat Nov 29 14:15:55 EST 2003

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Hi guys, I've been helping test gentoo livecd's for a bit now, and they 
finally have one that works. If anyone wants to test it and play with it, 
you can find the current one here:

Be warned, this is conciddered experimental, so there may be problems. 
I've tested the boot process, but I've not done the full install. There 
will probably be more updates to this as the 2.6 kernel progresses. if you 
want to keep track of th e progress, you can go to  

A few notes:
In order to have the kernel boot with speakup, you will need to do 'gentoo 
speakup_synth=your_synth (like ltlk, dtlk etc)" at the boot prompt.

For the most part, the gentoo install seems to be very easy. For those of 
you who want to install it, you can find the install docs here:  
I don't know if any of the other arches have speakup kernels, I haven't 
gotten into that, but I think this is definitly a nice start.

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