gnome problems under slackware

Gregory Nowak greg at
Thu Nov 27 17:13:51 EST 2003

Hi all.

I just installed the gnome and x stuff that comes with slackware 9.1, in hopes of playing with gnopernicus.

When I do either telinit 4, or gdm, speakup starts to talk, and then is cut off.

After the hd spins a bit, I get a beep from my pc speaker. Since I have a bell character in my /etc/issue, I am assuming that's where the beep in question comes from. I then go ahead and login, by typing my username and password as usual. After that, I hear a very small amount of hd activity, just like I do when logging in on a text console.

I then try to do ctrl+alt+f1 to get a text console to start gnopernicus, but I don't get a text console. Can someone please enlighten me on how to bring up a text console?
Thanks in advance.


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