has any one install on a external drive

Dawes, Stephen Stephen.Dawes at calgary.ca
Thu Nov 27 09:55:36 EST 2003

Why not put a second hard drive inside the dell, and then install Linux
to the second drive. Then all you would need to do is at the time of
boot select which OS you want to use. 

BTW: There is a good how-to on linuxdocs.org that can tell you how to do
the multi OS configuration that I was just talking about. It was written
before XP, but the same would apply. There is also a way that you may
not have thought of yet, and that is to find a hard drive bay that
allows you to swap hard drives with out having to open the case. I
cannot think of the name of 1 right now, but they are out there. The
advantage to this would be that your dell would see the drive as
internal, and you would just put in the OS that you are wanting to use
at the time. Then you are not messing around with trying to boot from

Just my thoughts.
Steve Dawes
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