fresh install of Fedora

Guy Schlosser guyster at
Wed Nov 26 01:39:21 EST 2003

Hi all:

I'm back with a fresh install of Fedora thanks to some awesome help from 
Bill.  Just a couple questions though.  First, How can I get my system to 
automaticly get my DHCP info at startup?  When I initially log in whether 
root or my personal login, I usually have to su to root and issue a 
dhclient eth0 command before I will have internet access.  My network card 
is set up to activate on boot.  Any ideas?
Lastly, I am having a hard time getting gnopernicus to come up talking when 
X is started.  When in X, I can do an alt+f-2, type in gnopernicus and it 
will speak, but if I simply issue a startx command, nothing.  Any 
suggestions or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,


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