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Steve Holmes steve at
Sun Nov 23 11:32:27 EST 2003

I've been dabbling around a bit with the idea of using initrd to load
the speakup modules.  So far, I've read /usr/src/linux/Documentation
more than once and looked at an actual initrd image from slackware
9.1.  But I'm a bit confused.  I'm guessing initrd needs to contain a
completely bootable system within its file system? What about the
additional modules I want to load such as Speakup? Do I have to copy
those modules out of the normal place and copy them into initrd? What
documentation I've read so far doesn't really offer me any small
examples I can use for my purposes.  The slackware one is interesting
but sure seems like over kill to merely load some extra modules at
early boot time.  Am I possibly going about this the wrong way?

Right now, I have Speakup loading in my rc.modules file and that isn't
bad for now but That doesn't give me the option to change synthesizers
from one boot to the next either.

Anyone have any ideas out there?
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