glad to be back but I have a dilemma.

Dan Murphy mweeby at
Sun Nov 23 09:48:33 EST 2003

Hello folks
.  I have rejoined the list because I really want to get started with
Linux again after my other computer with Linux died.
Here's the problem.
Right now I have an old version of Slackware 8.0 running kernel 2.2.19
with that umsdos version that lets you run it under Dos so I can run it on
my windows partition, but it's rather dated.
Dated enough, for instance, that I know of no way for it to see my DSL
modem, and I don't suspect 2.2.19 offers support for DSL anyway.
So if I want to run full-blown Linux, here are what seem to be my options.
1. break down and buy a second drive and run a dual boot system, not too
2.  try to re-partition my existing drive, but if using the Linux
partition utility, parted, , I want step-by-step assistance so I don't
croke my existing windows partition, (been there, done that).
3. buy a program like partition magic which I hear is easy to use and will
do the job safely.
thoughts, anyone?

Dan Murphy
MSN: mweeby at
AIM: mweeby2000

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