fedira question

Whitley CTR Cecil H WhitleyCH.ctr at cherrypoint.usmc.mil
Fri Nov 21 08:27:15 EST 2003

Hi Janina,
I didn't take it that way.  I would think there would be tremodous value to
the community in anyone using bittorrent to pull the "official" dist and
then rsync'ing to Bill's moded dist.  I for one certainly appreciate his
ongoing committment and effort!!  He certainly helped me a lot to get
started back in the RH 7.x days!

It must be noted that I cannot speak to A. S.'s intent, only that I didn't
percieve it the way you did.  I considered replying with the
bittorrent/rsync combo but I didn't know if he has broadband where that
would be most usefull to him as a user.  On the other hand, getting
"official" iso's and then rsync'ing has the most benefit to the community as
a whole since it frees up resources specific to the community.  



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