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On 11/21/03 11:57 AM -0000, Darragh wrote:
> sorry that's what I meant, oh except the incert num seven and nine, I'll
> have to use them.
> So is that how you generally read messages in mutt?  It seems a bit
> backwords to me!

I set status_format in my .muttrc so that the name and subject appear on
the top line and then I use "ignore *" to ignore all the headers. Then
when I am going through my mail I just hit d when I am reading the
message and move on to the next message. Also shift+t is handy to hide
all the quoted text when I am reading messages with inline quoting. The
mutt manual is very comprehensive and there are *many* .muttrcs out
there to use as examples. Happy mutting.

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