Proving Myself

Buddy Brannan davros at
Sun Nov 16 13:24:10 EST 2003

On Sun, Nov 16, 2003 at 12:56:22PM -0500, Chris Gilland wrote:
> tell you this:  my truth will not come from a web site, but from the true
> book, of the Word of God...

Ah, we are agreed on that point. However, I think you'll find that
there is little agreement on what is and what is not in the "true word
of God". The true word of god was, after all, transcribed--and
manipulated--by very fallible men, including the church leaders
(political and the same, generally) of the day, being in
the first three or four centuries of the last millennium. Far be it
for me, one uneducated in these things and one who hasn't memorized
the whole of the Bible from front to back, to argue theology
though. (Besides, I expect there are those who would have it that I'm
not even Christian, and have, therefore, no place for an opinion, but
whether I am or am not isn't for anyone else to decide anyway.)
Another point of reference though; All Things Considered (
a couple Saturdays ago--I'd like to say three weeks ago, but as time
passes, one week seems about like another--was where I first even
heard of the book of Thomas. Certainly I'd heard of the Apocrypha, but
only vaguely. I understand there was also, somewhere, a book of Mary
(as in Mary Magdelene), but I'm afraid I don't know much about
that. Less, in fact, about that than this, and about this I know
precious little. Anyway, I, also, don't take anything on the Internet
as Gospel, but I don't totally discount it out of hand either. It's
another source of information. Anyway, if you care to discuss this
further, let's not bore the rest of the list, shall we? 
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