Proving Myself

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Sun Nov 16 12:56:22 EST 2003

I'll admit, that i will have to do some research on this, but I'll hold your
e-mail address to the side, and write ya once I figure out these answers....

i'm not going to sit here and give you false info...  If I don't know
something, I will! give the 3 worded statement:  I don't know...

in this case, i'll have to do so, but I will certainly look and see, but i
tell you this:  my truth will not come from a web site, but from the true
book, of the Word of God...


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> On Sun, Nov 16, 2003 at 12:32:26PM -0500, Chris Gilland wrote:
> > That was very rude!
> Oh, but so, so true!
> >
> >  must we believe everything by means of seeing?
> Not nearly, but in Kevin's case, I'm afraid I don't have any faith
> left over, sorry.
> >
> > if that were so, we would all be faithless Thomases.
> Was Thomas really faithless? You ever seen the book of Thomas? Why is
> it that Thomas gets such a bad rap, anyway? Judas did the
> betraying. Peter did the denying (and also fell through when walking
> on come it is he isn't "faithless"?) Anyway, there were, I
> believe, about 50 books that the political figures of the day deemed
> would not be in the modern Bible (so much for God's word being
> immutable), and Thomas was one of them.
> >
> > Trust in the Lord, with all your heart, and lean not to your own
> > understanding; but in all your ways, acknowlege him, and He will direct
> > footsteps.  (Prov 3: 5 and 6)
> Sure, anyone can quote the Bible out of context. (Sigh) Satan could do
> it, too.
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