Proving Myself

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Hi all,

anything in it but I can sure as bleepity bleep bleep recognize it since
I've used Dos for
approximately eight years. As for you Kevin, you have done nothing but
demonstrate your inability to spell your own filename, and program in
Linux. (It's m o u s e m o d u l e. not m o u s e m o d u a l. If you truly
did write that bit of code, you would know how to spell it.)
Wo wo wo...

Wait a minute here...

Remember this:  A soft answer will turneth away wrath, but grievous words
will only stir up anger.  (prov. 15:1)

i would say you'd probably get a better response from everyone if you'd tone
down the attitude a bit...  Granted, I'm not Kirk, and never will be...  if
you're not gonna do it for kevin, nor for kirk, nor even for yourselves,
then, at least do it for the glory of the Father...

Peace I bring to you...


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