Linux-and-Virus Programs?

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Thank you for that. I don't feel like I'm the only one now.

Take care,

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Whoa Nellie! Bad advice. But I can see where the linux thought 
process came in. It don't matter what user you run an executable 
from under winblows, if it has a virus the whole system gets 
infected. My philosophy is thus, delete all unknown files from 
unknown sources. Better to be safe than sorry.


On 05:47 PM, Janina Sajka wrote:
> Why not just create a temp user and make that user the owner of this 
> file? Log in as that user and try to unzip the .exe. Maybe it's 
> something you want, and maybe it's junk. But you certainly won't trash

> any system files this way.
> Hart Larry writes:
> > From: Hart Larry <chime at>
> > 
> > Hi All:  Some of my linux experts have told me I don't need to have 
> > any anti-virus programs. Reason I am asking is that I am sharing 
> > files on Mutella in Linux.  While I was looking for Christmas dance 
> > music, I ended up with a file, which is an executeable.  I don't 
> > know its content, but I hope its music.  I would feel much better if

> > I could scan it while in Linux before I run it from Jaws in win98.
> > Are their any suggestions or speech friendly Linux virus programs I
can run
> > with speakup?
> > Much earlier this year I had alot of trouble with backdoor viruses
in windows.
> > Thanks so much in advance
> > Hart
> > 
> > 
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